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USPTO allows key patent underlying product summations in normalized RNS fractional format

April 5, 2016 – USPTO allows key patent underlying advanced RNS based fractional product summation. Eric Olsen, president of DSR, states “We are happy the US patent office has recognized our technology by allowing a key patent.  The patent application claims a critical advantage of RNS processing, that is, in the application of processing product sums of normalized fractional RNS values.  The patent is important because of the emerging importance of product summations in nearly every area of scientific processing, web search and artificial intelligence.  Our new strategy for processing fractional product sums is more accurate, consumes far less energy, and will be faster than using floating point.  When combined with our normalization and conversion technologies, the reality of general purpose residue processing has become evident.  We feel confident that this invention will soon be recognized as a major breakthrough in computer science by our peers.”  DSR is a Nevada Corporation engaged in the design, development and licensing of unique and forward thinking digital technologies.

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