Digital System Research


Digital System Research (DSR) is engaged in the development, design and licensing of advanced computer and arithmetic processing systems. A leader in the development of modular computation and residue based computing systems, DSR maintains and continues to develop its unique line of processor technologies and related IP.

Founded in 2011 by engineer and inventor Eric Olsen, Digital System Research was formed to pursue new advances in arithmetic processing. After years of study with residue numbers, Mr. Olsen committed his efforts into solving prior art problems plaguing residue number processing. In 2012, Mr. Olsen submitted his pivotal invention which discloses for the first time long sought solutions for the use of residue number calculations in general purpose processing, now coined “modular computation”. It was through these developments that a new form of arithmetic processing became evident.

Digital System Research is a Nevada corporation with offices based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We invite inquiries from computer companies, designers and researchers representing the various fields of the computer industry. Please contact us.

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