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How does a new form of arithmetic processing affect algorithms?

Does a change in arithmetic processing change or influence algorithm design? There may be more influence than expected. Researchers at DSR are defining the benefits of a new arithmetic paradigm, not by copying binary algorithms, but by replacing binary algorithms.

At DSR, it is clear that computer algorithms are influenced by the underlying arithmetic and number system used to perform calculations. One obvious reason is that many computer algorithms are motivated to use the most efficient operations available to them. However, another reason is more fundamental. It is not merely that some operations are more efficient, but also that certain operations are available to begin with.

Researchers at DSR are studying and analyzing the benefits and features of a new fractionally based residue number system. Through this analysis, unexpected variations of algorithms often emerge as preferred solutions when processing with residue numbers. Moreover, the execution order of complex operations often change as does the nature of the overall processing flow. These surprising results have strengthened the notion that algorithm design must be re-thought, and re-invented if processing with residues is to be most efficient.

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