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Arbitrary Precision RNS Library now available to researchers and educators

June 5, 2016 – DSR is proud to announce the release of its RNS-APAL library and source code.  RNS-APAL is the first ever RNS arbitrary precision arithmetic library, and its now available for download to private and institutional researchers and educators!  Also available for download is our RNS-APAL User Guide, a 70 page tutorial which provides many basic examples, and provides in depth explanation of the features of the RNS-APAL library.  Eric Olsen, president of Digital System Research states “Its difficult to read patents and papers to figure out how residue numbers work, especially for many of the recent advancements made in the field.  To this end, DSR has elected to release a portion of its code base which we use to simulate our Rez-9 ALU processor.  The release has been labeled RNS-APAL, and we hope that researchers and educators will find this work interesting and important.”

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