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DSR announces space-based TPU

January 21, 2019 –  Digital System Research, Inc is proud to announce it’s EC series TPU processor targeting high-speed matrix and AI applications requiring extreme high reliability.  The TPU-EC series processor achieves extreme reliability by providing continuous error-corrected matrix multiplication and vector arithmetic.  DSR’s new processor is suitable for artificial intelligence applications, or general purpose matrix and vector processing suitable for a wide range of life critical, high performance applications.  Eric Olsen, president of DSR states: “Our unique, patent pending design provides an UN-parallel level of immunity from clocking errors, high-energy neutron strikes, meta-stable events, and many other single and multiple event sources that would otherwise cripple other CPUs and DSP processors.  We expect our EC series TPU will be the primary processor technology for CNN inference in space based applications in the future.”  The TPU-EC technology is offered as a soft processor in FPGA form, or as IP available for ASIC and custom IC fabrication.  Contact DSR for details.

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