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DSR demonstrates general purpose residue number processing for the first time

Additional Mandelbrot fractal images at various resolutions

Additional Mandelbrot fractal images at various resolutions

Digital System Research unveils for the first time the processing capabilities of the Rez-9 processor, the first general purpose residue based processor! Eric Olsen, president of DSR, states: “We’ve made it clear to the world that residue numbers may be applied to general purpose processing, and we’re excited to show the stunning capabilities of this new form of machine computation. Most everybody has heard of the binary number system, but few have heard of residue numbers. Those researchers that have will be surprised to find what we’ve discovered, that the residue number system holds great promise for the future of machine based calculation. We expect 2015 to be an another exciting new year for DSR, as we unveil further advancements to this newly stimulated field of computer science”.

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