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DSR founder publishes revealing whitepaper

Digital System Research, Inc founder Eric Olsen recently released a whitepaper entitled “Introduction of the Residue Number Arithmetic Logic Unit With Brief Computational Complexity Analysis” to the Cornell Library CORR archive. Please refer to:

Eric Olsen states: “Our whitepaper was developed to provide an overview of our residue ALU and to further provide reasons supporting the value of our developments.  Essentially, the whitepaper explains why a residue ALU is more efficient than a binary CPU at performing highly precise product summations.   Product summations are at the heart of scientific processing, and because of the rapid advancement of complex algorithms from companies such as Google, applications requiring huge amounts of product summations will grow rapidly.  Floating point units are great, but they cannot emulate the benefits of residue fractional processing, which provides both increased speed and accuracy while reducing power.  We feel our technology is well positioned to take advantage of the current and future trends of computational processing.”

Digital System Research, Inc is a Nevada Corporation with offices located in Henderson Nevada.

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