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DSR invention recently cited in IEEE publication

Digital System Research, Inc (DSR) was recently mentioned in the December issue of IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, fourth quarter 2015.  The article entitled “Residue Number Systems: A New Paradigm to Datapath Optimization for Low-Power and High-Performance Digital Signal Processing Applications” cites DSR’s unique programmable approach to general purpose processing using residue number calculations.

Eric Olsen, founder of DSR states: “We are thrilled to have received a citation from other researchers and scientists in the RNS field.  This citation, while not an endorsement, means that we have some attention of our peers.  We are excited to be able to share our developments, as it is important that our peers acknowledge and verify our developments, but this will take time.”

Eric Olsen states further: “Researchers in the RNS field have been working very hard for over 70 years.  Traditionally, our efforts have benefited research papers but not too many commercial applications.  As the article clearly documents, we are now seeing residue number applications emerge as the geometry of IC circuits decrease.  The IEEE article documents many such examples.  I am hopeful that our unique results will not only bolster our field, but break it wide open.  DSR is grateful to the team of Dr. Hong Chang, and his fellow authors and researchers for their dedicated efforts in the field of residue number arithmetic, and of course their citation of our work at DSR.”

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