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DSR seeks strategic investor/partner

Digital System Research (DSR) announces its intent to seek funding by a suitable strategic partner. Eric Olsen, president and CEO of DSR states: “DSR is looking to capitalize on its breakthrough inventions by seeking a relationship with a strategic partner. DSR is keenly aware of the difficulty of finding funding for hardware oriented research and development entities. However, we strongly believe that our technology will displace binary based technologies in at least some important areas of computer science and machine computation”.

DSR has not engaged typical funding sources such as venture capital firms for the reason that its IP and business model are highly unique and forward looking. Eric Olsen adds: “There simply is no standard model for our inventions, nor were there any standard models for the development of binary computers in their infancy.” Eric states “a strategic investor will understand the benefits of an early partnership, and this will allow DSR to expedite its research and development process with an eye towards finding suitable areas of commercialization”.

Digital System Research is a privately held Nevada Corporation with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. Corporations having interest in research and development opportunities with DSR are referred to the companies contact page.

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