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US Patent Office Grants DSR Important RNS Converter Patent

April 4, 2016 – USPTO grants key patent underlying advanced conversion of RNS to binary. Eric Olsen, president of DSR, states “We are happy the US patent office has recognized our technology by granting a key patent regarding conversion of RNS to binary.  This fundamental conversion operation, now made more practical, will allow a host of new and exciting applications for residue processing in the years ahead.  For example, we expect our conversion technology to allow RNS processing to be applied to fields such as arithmetic processing, cryptography and communications to name a few.  Through a unique partnership with Olsen IP Reserve LLC, DSR acquires exclusive rights to sub-license the new technology for CPU and other arithmetic processing applications”. DSR is a Nevada Corporation engaged in design, development and licensing of residue based processors and other unique digital technologies.

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